Industrial Design

Electric Toothbrush

project information


IDSA/IDEA, Bronze, 1992

  • This motorized tooth cleaner and gum massager improves on traditional models with dual action bristle heads. A miniature electric motor activates a crank shaft which, like the pistons in an engine, lower and raise alternate rows of bristles engaged in a counter swinging motion, simultaneously lifting the gums where they meet the teeth and cleaning the teeth underneath. This counter swinging motion massages the gums, removes plaque and helps fight gum disease. The up and down motion of the bristles avoids damage to the tooth enamel by following its vertical grain, while the smooth bulbous head of each bristle improves on the traditional roughly cut blade. The design reduces the unpleasant vibration typical of electric toothbrushes, while the handle's small size and rounded triangular shape make it easy to grasp for children and the aged. Pastel colors incorporated into the brush enhance the unit's appeal to children.