Industrial Design

Manual Toothbrushes

project information

client:Sunstar, Inc.

IDSA/IDEA (Bronze), 1988

  • This selection of models allows the user to choose the toothbrush that is exactly suited to his or her needs, and the bristle design has been configured to acknowledge the different brushing qualities required by gums and by teeth. Designed for the Japanese market where toothbrushes are a popular item, this line reflects current trends in personal hygiene and utilizes advanced brush and bristle design while offering variety and portability to a youthful market.
  • Each molded polypropylene toothbrush responds to different functional concerns, while the playful forms and bright colors unify the product line. The covers of two travel models swing open to form handles, while the brush of a woman's purse-sized model slides out of its handle. A pair of toothbrushes nestle together when closed, but have differentiating details. Another toothbrush changes angle of its head to conform to the tooth surface.