Industrial Design

Saturno Urban Furniture System

project information

  • This urban furniture system is to solve a single goal: to minimize the number of support elements, which have to be anchored to a sidewalk. The system is centered on a main support element, in essence a column that is based on the design for the Saturno Lighting System. The support column is a vertical truss made up of four very thin members making it an extremely light product — a delicate, almost transparent presence on the street. The economical use of materials makes it possible to use stainless steel, which requires a minimum of maintenance.
  • Onto this column all elements are attached, weather protecting canopies, space defining transparent membranes, backlit display units, signs, seats, wastebaskets, etc. All of the accessory elements are attached to the column and never to the ground to facilities cleaning and to avoid breakage. Keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is a goal for any organization, but it is particularly important for cities, highway authorities, and other public entities, which often have capital to buy good products but are not always able to allocate funds for ongoing maintenance.
  • Each of the units can be decorated to identify city districts where placed; metal insignia or glass colored elements, requiring no maintenance, serve to establish the identity of the neighborhood where located. Planters located at the top of each column offer a welcoming element to a busy street. The use of backlit display units and signs animate the units into an ever-changing display of identities.