Industrial Design

Signature 600 Diesel Engine

project information

client:Cummins, Inc.

IDSA/IDEA, Bronze, 1999

  • This new engine is the strongest, lightest and fastest in the 600-horse power range. It is also the most fuel efficient, durable, and dependable. A great amount of effort has gone into making all wire and hose lines absent from view. To achieve this, all the electronics and fluid lines were designed and built as an integral part into the engine. In addition to its very uncluttered lines and ease of assembly and service, the number of parts has been reduced to the point that it has a third fewer components than its next competitor, thereby minimizing the chances for engine failure. Lighter by 300 pounds than any other engine in its class, its performance is exceptional in terms of fuel economy — the result of carefully designing integrated parts so as to avoid excess material and structural redundancies. Such remarkable design has allowed the company to give an extraordinary base warranty of 800,000 kilometers for all major components, parts and labor.