Industrial Design

X Series Engine

project information

client:Cummins, Inc.

IDSA / IDEA Bronze, 1995

  • This family of five mid-range diesel engines, ranging in size from four to nine liters, was developed for automotive industrial and marine applications. The engines' high level of component integration, commonality of parts within the engine family, and modularity of engine systems and components, lowers the number of parts necessary to tool and manufacture, resulting in improved quality control and cost efficiency, a reduced parts inventory, and a shorter maintenance training time. The engine's clean, uncluttered aesthetic, made possible by internalizing previously external components, suggests the engine's power and strength. Its charcoal gray color emphasizes its ruggedness and unique design qualities while hiding production imperfections. To further streamline production, the engine's fully integrated electronic monitoring and guidance systems are produced on an advanced variable production line, instead of the traditional dedicated mechanical process.