Industrial Design

Nuage Sofa & Bed

project information

client:Poltrona Frau
  • The headboard for the bed and backrest for the sofa are based on a single element: a 20 x 20 cm leather cushion. When many cushions are fastened together at the corners, they create a soft surface to lean against since the padding within each varies in density depending on location creating a more ergonomic surface to lean against. The advantages of this construction system are many: each tile can be easily replaced independent of each other; air flows along the edges of the tiles where they overlap; and the hide is fully utilized with very little excess. The backrest and headboard, which is longer than the seat, visually defines the sitting area by extending beyond the armrest of the sofa and mattress of the bed. The sofa and bed are finished on the backside so each may be positioned in the middle of a room to serve as a space definer.