Industrial Design

Vertebra Seating System

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Compasso d'Oro (Premio), 1981

BIO 9, 1981

Ind of America, 1980

SMAU, Milano, 1979

Resources Council Product Design, 1977

ID (Industrial Design) for Excellence of Design, 1977

  • The original Vertebra seating form has now been systematically developed into a range of side and armchairs outfitted for operational, managerial, and executive needs. By virtue of its scientifically calculated body-weight distribution and its careful sacro-lumbar support system, Vertebra insures the user's comfort, efficiency, and well-being. Manufactured and distributed by a host of companies around the world, Vertebra, even in its name, is a direct and comfortable expression of what it means to sit.
  • The Vertebra office seating system responds organically to the human body's desire for comfort. Since the ideal chair requires no adjustment whatsoever, Vertebra changes its configuration gently and automatically. It accepts the fact that our bodies are composed of an intricate combination of bones, muscles, blood vessels, flesh, and nerves. And since people rarely stay in the same seating position for more than ten minutes, Vertebra is designed to keep up with the sitter's every movement - without the use of buttons, levers or mechanisms.