Industrial Design

Agamennone Light

project information


BIO 11, 1986

  • Named after the ancient Greek king, is a black floor lamp based on twice cutting an elliptical cylinder at a 45-degree angle to yield two perfect circles. These two circles rotate against each other from a single shared circumferential point — always at a right angle to each other — and allow a range of motion that extends through a full 360 degrees. Unlike other lamps, which operate within a single plane (or two at the most), Agamennone's head travels along a circular path through respective "X," "Y," and "Z" axes. Driven by two miniature electric motors, the head's rotation can be operated either manually or through a hand-held remote control, providing a high degree of lighting freedom. At ease in almost any environment, its minimal contemporary form and color are balanced by its reduced electrical consumption and longevity. Given these attributes, Agamennone is both a sculptural and functionally superior solution to the problem of contemporary lighting.