Industrial Design

Oseris Spotlight

project information

client:ERCO, GmBH

IDSA /IDEA, 1991

Design Center, Stuttgart, 1985

  • Named for the Egyptian god of ancient mythology, Oseris is a range of low-voltage, high-wattage spotlights. Through the combination of two different small size, low energy consumption quartz halogen lamps with a comprehensive collection of accessories, Oseris accessories work as a system, and include ceiling mountings, flood lenses, honeycomb screens, infra-red reflecting filters, multi-groove baffles, sculpture lenses and fixing rings for both colored glass filters and with anti-dazzle cylinders. Twice cutting a semi-spherical volume with a plane shapes Oseris. Its intersections generate perfect circles. These two circles are then turned one against the other in Oseris, describing a movement from 0 to 90 degrees. Additionally, Oseris can rotate 360 degrees on its vertical axis. To assist in optimal alignment of lighting, scales are imprinted on the light fixture, allowing precise illumination.