Industrial Design

Saturno Streetlight

project information

client:Ilva Pali Dalmine, Spa

Compasso d'Oro, Premio, 2002

Compasso d'Oro, Premio, 2001

IDSA/IDEA (Gold), 2000

  • Since Saturno was designed not only to illuminate the street but also itself, the designer chose ultra-violet resistant polycarbonates for the identifying color shields. Shields of different colors are usually used to identify different quarters of the city or upcoming exits or service stations. The bumpers on the sides of the poles are made of an ultra-resistant material made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Saturno is highly visible, which minimizes the potential of road accidents. In daytime, its matte-polished surface is enhanced by its colored bumpers and light shields. At night or during adverse weather conditions, the more reflective nature of its surface and lighted bumpers help guide drivers. The poles are also designed to bend easily in case an automobile hits one.