Industrial Design

Soffio Modular Lighting System

project information


BIO 12, 1988


SNAI (Societa Nacionale Artefatti Illuminazio), 1987

  • Soffio, which means a breeze-like sigh in Italian, is a lightweight, organic lighting system whose design is based on merging the qualities of light with the diverse needs of institutional illumination. An economical yet highly versatile modular lighting system, Soffio is designed for contract and residential interiors. Soffio favors a soft-tech approach that is as weightless, sensual, and evanescent as light itself. By using two lighting track channels, one suitable for 110V and the other for 12/24V, and by using the same lighting tray to support light sources that can shine upwards, downwards, or both ways, Soffio creates unique lighting advantages. For example, fluorescent tubes can be combined or interchanged with halogen and/or filament bulbs to intensify floor light as well as accent desired areas. No matter which fixture is employed, the emergent light has a warm, human quality, with reduced glare and subtle tonalities.