Industrial Design

Ettore Sottsass

  • Like very few architects, Ambasz senses the emergence of a technological mythology, fully aware of all that it may bring with it. I also know that he is very knowledgeable and that with relentless precision and painstaking patience he pays attention, as do very few, to the possibilities of technology as an irreplaceable device for bringing about that rare existential event that is architecture.

    All of this I know already, and all of this that I know is also known by others, as we also know that it is not here that the root of his great originality lies. The thing which is original with Emilio, and which is very rare, is that technology is for him an instrument for suggesting architectural presences; that for him it is the architectural event, when it occurs, which serves as the magical instrument to bring about that still larger and even more complex event which is our spiritual existence.

    - Ettore Sottsass